Rookroost Thieves Guild

The RTG has long been a powerful force in Rookroost, and the city’s rulers and guard have come to something of an understanding. As long as the Guild does not operate in extreme excess, they are largely allowed to do what they want. Since they have integrated themselves with the local occupation forces, they have a relatively free hand in the city.

Their members receive lighter punishments, shorter jail times, and are often ignored by the city guard in general, though the occasional scuffle between the two groups usually raises tensions for an extended period of time and sometimes ends in a few deaths.

They’ve several front operations, the most notable being the Benedict Trading Coaster. While Lord Benedict himself has retired, his family’s long involvement with the Guild almost certainly has not stopped in his old age.

The leader of the Thieve’s Guide is known only as The Eye. Even to the rank-and-file thief, their leader is a mystery. Master Pashkar is a high-ranking official in the RTG. Ellendian Summerstar is a former member of the RTG and, though he can occasionally still convince those that remember him to part with some information, has been warned that his ties have been severed.

Rookroost Thieves Guild

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