Rookroost is the biggest city in the Bandit Kingdoms. It has grown rich from the silver of the northeast and the slave trade. The Zumker River is swift and turbulent where it flows from the mountains and hills of the northeast; it forms Rookroost’s border with Tenh.

A walk the serpentine makes plain the hopelessness that consumes these people. To your right, hobgoblin guards lead a procession of slaves along the street to be sold at market. Up ahead you can see the clergy of Iuz lighting a pyre, a Paladin of Heronius who was not wise enough to serve his God quietly will now serve him screaming in pain as he is burned alive. Beady eyes peer out from every alley, and one wrong turn seems certain to leave you dying a cold, lonely death among the shadows.



Iuz has established a strong foothold in Rookroost. As a result, in addition to the regular day-to-day crime in its streets, Rookroost is now a home to a covert war between Iuz security forces and those that wish to depose the god. Both are actively recruiting, and every newcomer to the city is likely to be approached with lucrative offers of service.

The Temple of Iuz is one of the biggest structures in Rookroost, the seat of their administrative power and security forces. It occupies several city blocks, which includes a cathedral and army barracks. That part of the city is patrolled by Iuz’s own soldiers, and they are the defacto law there.

Power in Rookroost is fractured between many groups of various character that control different areas and trades. There is a very complicated and ever-shifting network of allegiances.


It would be wrong to say that life in Rookroost is worthless. Here, your life is a commodity. It can be bought and sold – frequently without your knowledge – much like a set of jewerly, or a sack of barley. Your only hope is that your price is closer to jewelry than barley.

In a place where one’s life can come to a very sudden, though not entirely unexpected end at any moment, mortal pleasures are extremely popular. For enough coin, no fantasy will go unrealized. Whatever can’t be realized in the material world can be fulfilled in insane illusions conjured up by alchemists and priests. Decadence unimaginable elsewhere can be the regular course of the day, if you know the right alley.

Such cutthroat environment gave rise a society that’s far more egalitarian than most other places. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how hairy is your hide. If you can do the job, you’ll be paid, and you’ll be paid well.


  • Roiling Stew Inn
  • Drunken Dragon Tavern (near the Funerary Gate)
  • The Nailed Down (in the common district)

Rookroost is the capital of the Bandit Kingdoms. Home of the Rookroost Thieves Guild and Midlands ruler Graf Demmel Tadurinal. It is ruled by Lord Marshall Arus Mortoth.


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