Hiring Trouble

Session 14: Rebellion?!?

With the death of Gaiyle Markhalla still fresh, the Rookroost Resistance has become a mess of infighting rogues. Although most everyone agrees that action needs to be taken directly, no one can agree on what action that should be.

The group listens to a variety of arguments for action and prioritize them. Their first course of action is to agree to a mission to recover Gaiyle’s body in hopes of reviving her. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a trap and the body is ambushed. Through the situation, however, they’re able to identify the traitor who likely turned on Gaiyle and caused her death.

When the search for Gaiyle’s body proves unfruitful, the group decides to go on a mission to rescue some captured rebels. The group is encouraged to negotiate acceptable terms for the garrison captain, who is eager to make some quick cash and leave. The group chooses to rescue all the prisoners and give up most of the loot that they had on them.

The group decides to join a subset of the Resistance that want sto cause strife within Rookroost by attacking troop barracks. Through their insistence of taking on their entire encounter on their own, the group saves the lives of dozens of ill-equipped Resistance fighters but they also have trouble with burrowing creatures who are only defeated through a well-timed spell by Toran Zal.

Finally, the group (mostly because of the urging of Berylla Beren accompany a young rogue beneath Rookroost to find a supposed cache of treasure but ran into a meeting with a Resistance member who was negotiating with an unknown group from Stoink who wished to cause trouble within the city. The heroes decided to let the trouble play out without interfering.



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