Hiring Trouble

Session 13: Pawn

It was supposed to be just a visit to their old stomping grounds, Rookroost, to celebrate Grod’s birthday. But it turned into a tragedy for our heroes.

General Hok had been brought back to life and with it, an army of Dwarven soldiers had risen up to help lead the rebellion the group had already started to formalize. Gaiyle Markhalla, posing as one of the bardic musicians at the party, contacts the group and tells them that Hok’s rebellion could end before it begins. Those loyal to the Old One have identified a living descendant of Hok’s – his great-grandson – who could be used against the General. The boy is currently in Rookroost and has been kept under secret protection for his entire life by a series of Elven guardians. However, Gaiyle has learned that the Bonefist Legion has entered town and are searching for the boy.

The party descends into the sewers under Rookroost and negotiate saboteurs and traps in order to make it to the place where the boy is being hidden. Unfortunately, the Bonefist Legion shows up shortly after the group and a fight ensues.

The party quickly realizes that the Bonefist Legion may be a more powerful foe than they were expecting, but with some quick thinking, terrain control and luck, they manage to make it out with the boy – but Haggorum Chiggid failed to make it.

The party returns Hok’s grandson directly to the General and asks that he raise Haggorum with his power as a return favor. The general explains that this would be the last use of his power and it can only return dwarves to life. The party makes a plea, saying Haggorum was a dwarf in spirit and had always supported the Dwarven cause. Hok agrees and returns Haggorum to life, beginning his adventures as a Dwarf indebted to Hok.

Unfortunately, all is not well. The adventurers return to Rookroost to find that there is a public hanging in the town square. The group recognizes the body of Gaiyle Markhalla, the de facto leader of the Rookroost Rebellion and their friend, among of the dead.



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