The Bandit Kingdoms is a land of rogues and mercenaries who must carve survival from the inhospitable soil that is their birthright. Double cursed, being held under the heel of the despicable demon god Iuz, these imperfect people focus on the reality of survival, rather than the grandiose visions of good versus evil.
Banditshield In the Bandit Kingdoms, the axiom “the enemy of my enemy is my ally” applies, even if that ally is a necromancer of Nerull or a vampire.

While some might despair at such impending conflict, dauntless heroes of the lands recognize this for what it is: an opportunity for the fearless and bold to scheme, manipulate, and eliminate the forces of Old Wicked. Organized resistance groups form in the dark and vast Fellreev Forest, the deep Rift, and the mysterious Earldom of the Tangles Forest. By playing one faction off another, perhaps a new order can be created before the eye of Iuz returns…

Some hints for adventuring in the Bandit Kingdoms:

  • Clerics are outlawed in the Bandit Kingdoms. If a holy symbol (other than Iuz) is discovered upon your person, it is punishable by death.
  • Have a contingency plan. People die everyday in the Bandit Kingdoms and it is especially dangerous for heroes.
  • Read the campaign rules before creating a character.
  • Any group listed in the Wiki section (excepting the Cult of Iuz) is available for player characters to join, although they have per-requistes. If you are interested in joining a group, please let me know at any time before or during the campaign.

Your party so far
Haggorum Chiggid
A Binder specializing in heavy armor, darkness magic and divine energies.
Ellendian Summerstar
A reformed Rogue who uses guild training to be the light in the darkness. Pledged to the archon Zaphkiel.
Hollei Inwe Telemnar
An elf who seems the outdoorsy type – except she doesn’t seem very proficient in actually living outdoors.
Toran Zal
A crafter and merchant, stationed in Rookroost.
Berylla Beren and Gamera
A druid and her pet turtle.
Jack Jonus Morgan II
A bard who has recently arrived to the Bandit Kingdoms – or so he says.

Hiring Trouble

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