That which stirs. That which sleeps.

The only information you’ve gathered on this threat is what you’ve learned from others.

Aramal, a cultist of Nerull based in Hallorn told you this: “Even now, to the west, a great evil stirs. A thing which will devour us all should Iuz hold Hallorn. It will come, bringing with it darkness and destruction. Where it will go depends on what you decide now. If Iuz holds Hallorn, the beast will certainly come for us all. He will wage war against it and he will lose, and all of us will pay that price. But if ”/campaign/hiring-trouble/wikis/earl-audurach" class=“wiki-page-link”>Earl Audurach and his men can be driven from this place, the Reaper may protest us from the wrath of That Which Stirs."

A strange, evil-colored vapor with a ghoulish face and vaguely draconic visage said this: “The Boy of Dreams has come to the Bleeding Fields to wake That Which Sleeps. So it was foretold in ancient times, so it has come to pass. Now, with the Blood of Innocence, let the world shudder as the servant of eldritch evil stirs!”

On the pool that surrounds the evil tree that traps That Which Sleeps, it is written: “So is the Sleeping One consigned to slumber, as darkness blooms.”


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