The Resistance started in Rookroost, rising up against Iuz’ rule there. The group was considered highly disorganized despite the stern and serious leadership of Gaiyle Markhalla until the adventurers showed some interest.

Now, between Gaiyle’s vast knowledge network and the adventuring group’s effectiveness in carrying out missions, the Resistance is finally making some progress.

A small Resistance outpost has been set up in Briar’s End on the former farm of Farmer Roland after his family was relocated to Rookroost. The outpost gives the Resistance better knowledge and access to Iuz’s control of the western half of the Bandit Kingdoms.

All current adventurers (Berylla Beren, Ellendian Summerstar, Haggorum Chiggid, Hollei Inwe Telemnar, Jack Jonus Morgan II and Toran Zal) are defacto members of the Resistance.


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