Libram of Happenstance

When one fate smiles on you, another frowns.


A player character who has studied this tome for at least an hour can use it. To use the book, it must be on your person. The book automatically falls over to the page you wish to invoke and you use a swift action to rip out a page. You immediately gain the benefits of that page.

However, the reverse of the page becomes property of the DM who can choose to invoke its powers at anytime.

Auto-confirm one critical hit
Ignore one critical fumble
One-time true strike (as the spell)
Re-roll one failed save
Get one extra 5-foot step as a free action
One time stabilize (as the spell)
Gain one extra attack of opportunity for the round
Cast one spell known without spending a prepared spell slot or use
One time raise dead
Drop to 0 hit points and ignore the last amount of damage you received
Reroll one failed ability or skill check
Find 100 additional gold in a pocket
Get a second chance at a failed morale check or NPC reaction
Make an enemy reroll their last success
Gain 10 temporary hit point
Gain +1 to hit
Gain +1 to AC
Force attack that would have hit you to hit an adjacent creature instead


This is a curious libram with two sides. One reads “Libram of Fortunate Happenstance.” when flipped over, the other side is titled “Libram of Unfortunate Happenstance.”

Each page is printed on both sides. To use the book, you must rip out a page. The writing disappears on the side of the page you invoked. The text on the other starts to bleed throughout the page, and you can be sure that someone – perhaps even Iuz himself – will avenge what you’ve done.

Libram of Happenstance

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