Hiring Trouble

The Return...

Berylla Beren receives a Harrowing within a vision. The vision:

The bear represents your past strength, and the uprising represents you running away from your ancestral home. But the joke was on you. Now the empty throne shows how much you’ve lost and the questions that come faster than answers. Yes, you were able to avoid the destruction shown in misaligned the avalanche, but at a price. The rakshasa is the dominance of Iuz and his evil minions over your people. But you have the opportunity to stop a great disaster, represented by misaligned the sickness. Travel now, as the cricket says, and you will open the door to overthrowing the tyrant.

Berylla realizes that this vision means she must find the remains of a great Dwarven duke, General Hok, and somehow bring him back to life to aid in the defeat of Iuz to avenge the destruction of her childhood home and her people.

Clearly, this quest is important to every member of the group. Each member gets his own revelation:
Ellendian Summerstar: Battles reveal the true mettle of heroes, the true hearts of villains. -The Brightened
Hollei Inwe Telemnar: Your actions may very well change the fate of this land. Be wise and unselfish or you will fail. -Doll.
Haggorum Chiggid: Wickedness often turns upon its own. The darkness will show the way at the appointed time. -Raven.
Jack Jonus Morgan II: All things worth finding are hidden. The chances of finding a treasure increases with every dig. -In your morning ale.
Ragnar ‘Goliath’ Ragnarsson: Only the true of heart can save the kingdoms at darkest of night. -Gaiyle.
Toran Zal: Knowledge is power. You will not defeat the Old One without the knowledge and you will not gain the knowledge if you turn back. -Magical runes.

The group travels to Law’s Forge and discover that all manner of monster have infested the ancient Dwarven kingdom. After a dozen battles, the heroes encounter one that they fear they can’t defeat: Botis, a horned devil. Haggorum and Ragnar win Botis over – the first by telling him that a powerful god would be thankful if he would help with the takedown of Iuz, and the second by offering his magical sword.

Botis helps the group take out several powerful necromancers, mages and trolls. He returns Ragnar’s sword but places a gaes on Ragnar, asking that he impress him with a feat of strength at some point in the future to strengthen their bond.



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