Hiring Trouble

Session 9: Evil Tidings

Boy, things have become a real mess in Rookroost. Partinus, the madman that the group released from the Rookroost Insane Asylum, has been taken back into custody.

The Thieves Guild has become divided – an unknown faction has been attacking its own members’ shipments, making the guild look ineffective in support of a new leader. No one trusts anyone anymore – the honor among thieves has become a thing of the past.

And Rhaedrick Avenfear, one of the group’s favorite patrons, is being targeted as the traitor.

When a particularly expensive shipment of Rhaedrick’s is attacked, the group is asked to investigate. They meet Sheriff TorGill, who tells them outside the city is outside his jurisdiction.

They visit Avenfear’s Coster and Warehouse where they meet employee Bendril, who is being attacked by [[The Short Corp.]]. The band of racist, militant halflings were clearly trying to burn down the warehouse.

Haggorum Chiggid helps to rescue the disarmed worker by magically switching places with him. Ellendian Summerstar helps to contain the fire. Meanwhile, Toran Zal discovers the ledger reported the shipment as being late even before it came in.

Bendril suspects his employer, but tells the group they should look for themselves at the secret underground passages Avenfear has access to – which he thinks is how Avenfear is getting to his caravans and transporting the “stolen” goods.

The group goes down into the caverns. They meet a low-level thief (and his party), a water naga who is taken out very quickly, largely thanks to the battle prowess of Berylla Beren. Then the party hears two voices discussing the possibility of Rhaedrick attacking his own caravans, but they are unable to find the people the voices belong to.

They get to the exit, which leads them close to the spot where the last attack happened. However, no major clues are found.

When the group gets back to town, they encounter Lorien, Rhaedrick’s girlfriend, who encourages them to come to the Drunken Dragon and confront Rhaedrick about his betrayals.

After very little deliberation, the party decides to back Rhaedrick, despite what the evidence may say. They head to the Drunken Dragon and alert Rhaedrick to the possibility of what is coming.

Lorien bursts in the tavern and confronts Rhaedrick. The two start to duel, and then 14 other patrons turn on the group, trying to force them away from Lorien and Rhaedrick. Jack Jonus Morgan II blinded Lorien, making reluctant-to-battle Rhaedrick safer.

Hollei Inwe Telemnar was trapped in a corner, only partially protected by the raging, rampaging Ragnar ‘Goliath’ Ragnarsson. However, an escape attempt ended up not working out in her favor and Hollei was killed by a critical strike by one of the few warriors still standing.

The victory was tainted both by the blood of Hollei and Rhaedrick’s feeling that he (and they) were still in grave danger by the warring Thieves Guild factions. He encouraged them to leave town.

The group did, but not before ripping a page out of the Libram of Happenstance to resurrect Hollei. Gaiyle Markhalla told the group that a very small resistance had been created near the Rift Canyon Barrens and they could use the help of the more experienced resistance fighters.



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