Hiring Trouble

Session 8: Rising Shadow

The group knew they’d be waiting around for days if they wanted to meet up with Partinus, so they settled in for a long wait. That is, until a familiar little girl caught the eye of Toran Zal.

The girl told Toran she was upset because “Goliath” wouldn’t allow her to go on an adventure to meet a princess. Knowing the girl lived at the home that was a front for the Resistance (and wondering why or if a Goliath was really fighting against Iuz right here in Rookroost, the group traveled to the home and questioned leader Gaiyle Markhalla.

There, they learned Goliath was a fitting nickname for the incredibly large Ragnar ‘Goliath’ Ragnarsson. Gaiyle was working on recruiting a number of Resistance members to fill a spot as bodyguards for Prince Zeech of Redhead, the ruler of Alhaster. Zeech would like to see his sister, who is seen as both an idiot and a dangerous seer, safe. Gaiyle just wants to know if Zeech really is a follower of Iuz or if he is a possible ally.

The group agrees and sets off for a town outside Alhaster where Nadalie lives. They are dropped off and introduced to the staff of the estate: Gerbo, the caretaker; Tatyana, Nadalie’s handmaiden; Hulgra, a companion for Nadalie; Osborn, the groundskeeper; and guards Gim and Rath.

Ellendian Summerstar and Haggorum Chiggid questioned Gerbo to learn more about what happened to Nadalie to warrant extra protection. On a recent visit to Alhaster, a mob crowded around her and threatened to kill her as a witch. The scene reminded Ellendian and Haggorum of Nolas Roland, the boy seer from Angry Bones.

Hollei Inwe Telemnar immediately sat down with Nadalie and helped her with her garden. The group noticed Nadalie’s plant – a bulb in a potting container. She’s very protective of the bulb. Through a series of checks, the group determines the bulb is not native to the prime material plane – in fact, it’s from the Plane of Shadow. She said she found it near the Nightmare Glade.

“I dreamed I planted it in the dead place and all the flowers grew and bloomed. It was pretty and I wanted to cry,” she tells Hollei.

That night, Nadalie invites her friend Hollei to stay in her grand apartments, while the rest of the group crowds in the guard house. However, the group is quickly awakened to the sound of a mob fighting their way into the estate.

Goliath tears the commoners coming over the walls to shreds, while Jack Jonus Morgan II and Toran helped to pick off the leaders in the back.

Meanwhile, Hollei is doing her best to protect Nadalie as Hulgra, Osborn and Osborn’s twin brother Warren attack.

The fighting on two fronts becomes even more confusing when Amaral, priestess of Nerull, is seen in the crowd and indicates she needs the group to head to Wrylo’s Ruin and put an end to a ritual that would raise THAT WHICH STIRS.

The group realizes Wrylo’s Ruin is the Nightmare Glade that Nadalie is forbidden to visit. They use her bulb as a key to enter The Shadow Junction, where a pool is feeding the life force of several dying victims to The Tree in the center – actually destroyed the evil tree that binds THAT WHICH STIRS with positive energy.

Despite some hardships suffered by the Shadows that guard the place, the group successfully restore the evil tree. The meet Hassox, a paladin who agrees to lead the several other men and women of good nature that were rescued and create a Resistance group in Alhaster.

You were later honored by Princh Zeech himself, for the protection of his sister against the mob. He said “Know that you are friends of Redhand,” and gave each of you the highest citation of honor in that land.



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