Hiring Trouble

Session 7: Body and Soul

The party is returning to Rookroost but are forced to stand in lines at the gate, where they learn that trade has been greatly disrupted. A man approaches the party, asking if they have a sword for sale, which Toran Zal recognizes as the Sword of Kurell, a cursed weapon that was destroyed when the party discovered it during The Bender.

Before the party has much time to figure out what someone else would want with the sword, a jet-black carriage pulled by four nightmares races through the district toward the Triumphary gate, trampling several in its path.

Ellendian Summerstar helps to bury the dying and heal the sick, while Berylla Beren recognizes an opportunity when she sees one. Most of the group follows Berylla’s lead and sells their rations for a markup. Ellendian instead donates his own money to open a food bank with his supply of rations.

The group learns that the carriage was bringing Bonehearts, a group of mages and clerics answerable only to Iuz himself, and that they may be interested in a recent addition to the Rookroost Asylum.

As always, if Iuz’s forces are interested in something, so are a lot of other people, including the group.

Working with contacts, they get a magical amulet they are told will help the prisoner escape the asylum and are told of disguises that can be used to enter the institution.

Hollei Inwe Telemnar, Haggorum Chiggid and Jack Jonus Morgan II were all chosen to investigate the asylum, while the others stayed outside. The three found two robes with golden thread around the hemline in a closet, which they took with them. Then they found a logbook that indicated the prisoner they wanted to find was the Butcher of Zelosus.

Hollei and Haggorum subdued one of the guards while he was sleeping, but couldn’t kill the other one before he was able to yell out. Luckily, Jack used a ghost sound to disguise the yell as a scream that sounded like the ones they were hearing from the patient’s rooms. The spell seemed to work well enough on the two doctors who were upstairs, since they didn’t come out.

Once they entered the Butcher’s room, Jack realized the prisoner was actually Partinus, the magistrate of Zelosus. The man had clearly gone crazy and the three were able to get very little out of him before they gave him the amulet and saw him Dimension Door away.

The group set off toward Zelosus and were surprised to find the town almost completely abandoned. Buildings were partially destroyed and zombies roamed freely. Some of the party members began to act strangely, as if overtaken by feelings of Jealousy (Berylla), Theft (Haggorum) and Revenge (Jack).

Descending into a well reveals a lake that runs underneath Zelosus. A shrine to Kurell is discovered, along with a guardian from the plane of Limbo. When the guardian discovers the party has destroyed the sword, he attacks.

It becomes clear that seemingly benign actions of the party has led to a curse that has destroyed the entire town of Zelosus. With Iuz’s army on the way, the group leaves, but not without Ellendian vowing to find out more about the ritual that can close the gate to Limbo forever and remove this threat from the Flanaess.



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