Hiring Trouble

Session 10: Trouble at Ankheg Springs

After the fight between Rhaedrick Avenfear and Lorien for control of the Rookroost Thieves Guild, Gaiyle Markhalla told the group that a very small resistance had been created near the Rift Canyon Barrens and they could use the help of the more experienced resistance fighters.

The group visits Stoink, the largest city in the Rift Canyon Barrens in hopes of finding the resistance fighters Gaiyle mentioned, but Hollei Inwe Telemnar is haunted by her recent death and resurrection, and she feels a need to be blessed to regain her strength. She ends up visit Temple Grimacing, a church of Iuz, in hopes they would cure her.

They did, but also put a Gaes on her, asking that she honors Iuz when given the opportunity.

After searching for the Resistance members, the group starts to make their way back to Rookroost, at a loss. They stop to stay at an inn in the small city of Ankheg Springs, where they see two men hanging from a tree.

Inside the inn, Jack Jonus Morgan II has to compete with another bard, Roche, who sings Roche’s Song – a song that clearly becomes a rallying cry against Iuz and those that serve him.

Some men start a fight with Roche, with clear intentions to hurt him. The adventuring party has a mind to leave well enough alone (knowing that fighting the guards here would mean death), but Ellendian Summerstar recognizes Roche as one of the faithful – a member of The Brightened.

Haggorum Chiggid starts the fight by magically switching places with Roche, thus getting him out of direct danger.

Once the adventurers win the fight, they decide it’s best to stay in the stables with Roche and his uncle, Osol (except for Toran Zal who says he’ll take his chances in the inn). They learn that Roche doesn’t care about being careful anymore because he is crazy with the loss of his fiance, Ilyena. Ilyena is the sister of Arvad, a Stoink pit fighter who has recently challenged his sister’s right as governor of Ankheg Springs.

She disappeared days ago, leaving a note saying that the wedding was off and her brother was to assume the governorship but Roche and Osol were not fooled. They want the adventurers to rescue her.

The group is awoken the next morning by a group of guards who challenge them, saying they’ll pay for “murdering” the town guards the previous night. The adventurers find out the guards have already killed Osol and are torturing Roche.

They handily deal with the new group of guards and head to the Springs, to find out where Ilyena is being kept. After dealing with her hellhound guards, the group rescues Ilyena. However, to scare off her brother for good, she tells them that they must not fight him, but instead must break into his manor and gain evidence of secrets that would destroy his political career.

Through a plan hatched by Haggorim and Jack and the fighting prowess of Berylla Beren and Ragnar ‘Goliath’ Ragnarsson, the group easily takes out the guards of the manor and recover the damning information.

Knowing Temple Grimacing has been made aware of some treachery, Arvad has no choice but to flee, leaving Ilyena as rightful ruler of Ankheg Springs.

The group asks that the couple remembers their vows to Pelor and that they continue to grow the Resistance in Stoink.



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